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Passionate About Creating Positive Space

Our Philosophy...

        What We Do...We believe that the built environment is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with the planet.  As builders, we feel responsible to participate in the growing consciousness about our effect on the environment.  Thus, we strive in our design, planning and construction phases to provide simple, functional, and healthy structures.

       EcoStruction, as a company, provides many options for the homeowner.  We work with the owner to help educate, and find the areas that we can improve, add and support a more environmentally friendly project.  Our company, designs and builds structures using Reclaimed Polystyrene ICF-Insulated Concrete Form Block, rammed earth, and  FSC CERTIFIED conventional framing techniques.  We make it our responsibility to keep up-to-date on the latest developments with regards to building codes and building technologies.

        Finally, your living situation has a great effect on your well-being.  We make it our job to keep this in mind.  Every healthy family leads to a healthier community.

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