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Pellegrini Winery

Located in the beautiful Russian River Valley, the Pellegrini's Olivet Lane Vineyard and Winery is the showcase for a family that has been in the wine business since the early 1900s -- Now in its fourth generation...


Mitchel Slade and the Ecostruction team embarked on a special project for this state-of-the-art Tuscan Winery.  The owners and winemaker at Pellegrini wanted a dramatic enclosure for the Tasting Bar that overlooks the culinary garden. 


The DOOR PANELS were to be 15' high and at least 7' wide and had to slide open and close on specially designed and built overhead steel tracks that would accommodate the weight and the ease of handling.


Mitchel and his team went about designing and manufacturing the impressive large wooden doors, encased in frames of welded steel, in a unique design that enhances the old Tuscan-style buildings settled amongst the sprawling vineyards of the lush winery.

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